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Adoption Fees

  • Cat (6 months of age and older): $60
  • Kitten (under 6 months): $100
  • Pair of Kittens (under 6 months): $150

(Fees do not include PA sales tax.)

The following services are included in the adoption fee. Before going home, your new cat or kitten will be:

  • spayed or neutered;
  • vaccinated for: panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calici (for kittens, the first in a series that should be completed at your veterinarian’s office or by returning to a PAWS clinic) and rabies (for cats three months and older);
  • dewormed (often the first in a series of treatments that should be completed after adoption);
  • treated for fleas (treatment must continue monthly after adoption to stay flea free); and,
  • microchipped. Your SMART TAG microchip will be registered in your name at the time of adoption and your contact info can be updated any time.

Cats must go home in a cat carrier for safety; you can bring one with you or purchase at our adoption centers.

Adoption Application

Ready to get started? This brief online form is the first step to bring home your newest family member.

We look forward to helping you meet your new best friend!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does PAWS’ cat rescue program work?

Read more here about our Cat Rescue & Care program and learn about the process from intake to adoption!


I am applying for a specific PAWS animal. If my application is approved, am I guaranteed that animal?

There is a chance the animal may already be adopted once you are ready to bring it home. When your application is approved, it will be good for any animal in PAWS’ care that would be a good match for you and your household. Your application is valid for three months so you have time to find the right one for you!


Can you hold an animal for me until I am ready to adopt?

PAWS is not able to hold animals for potential adopters: every day we hold an animal is a day we cannot save another in danger.


How can I adopt an animal who’s been overlooked and needs me the most?

Please browse our Most Urgent Animals to find out who needs you! Some have special medical or behavioral needs, and others have simply been waiting a long time.


Can you offer advice on dog and cat care?

Find lots of useful resources here on bringing home a new pet, common behavior issues, pet care advice, and more.


I can’t adopt. Can I come in just to spend time with animals?

You are welcome to visit our Old City Adoption Center to spend time with the cats and guinea pigs housed there. Our Northeast Adoption Center remains closed for browsing.

To spend time with our pets, you can also consider fostering – taking a cat, dog, or guinea pig into your home temporarily while they find permanent adoptive placement.