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Stormi’s foster success story

Stormi was rescued by PAWS after a Good Samaritan found her on their porch and brought her to the city shelter. She was very scared and nervous around people, and needed socialization in a foster home to help get her ready for adoption. Kelly took her home to acclimate her to people for a couple weeks, but ended up keeping Stormi for much longer!


“I lost my previous cat when he was only 4 years old to an undetected heart condition in 2019. I was completely blindsided when he passed away and wasn’t ready to adopt but I still wanted to help, especially during the pandemic. The moment I saw Stormi in the cage at pickup I knew she was special, and watching her personality grow in just days from bringing her home was amazing. It just felt right with her and we continue to fall more in love with her cute face everyday!”