Sir Ranwrap: From injured stray to cherished family member

After a rocky beginning as an injured stray, Sir Ranwrap is safe, healthy and loved!

This incredibly sweet young dog was brought to the city shelter by a Good Samaritan who found him in North Philly. He was covered in what appeared to be road rash from a run-in with a car. With the potential for internal injuries dangerously high, he needed immediate medical attention beyond the shelter’s resources. PAWS rescued him as soon as we learned about his situation.

Even though he must have been scared and painful, Sir Ranwrap greeted everyone he met with love and enthusiasm, and wagged his way through his entire exam with vet staff. We were thrilled when X-Rays and diagnostics confirmed that aside from some swelling, he was free from any broken bones or internal damage. The only peculiarity that needed monitoring was the small amount of air trapped under his skin and in his abdomen. This can happen with certain types of injuries, and had the interesting effect of producing a crinkly noise like plastic when we pet him in certain areas – hence his name, Sir Ranwrap!

After several days of care, rest, and medication, this friendly boy made a full recovery and moved to our Northeast adoption center. His loving and good-natured personality made him an instant favorite with staff and volunteers — and caught the eye of the Salva family, who adopted him last week! Now a beloved family pet, Sir Ranwrap is enjoying life in the suburbs with all the snuggles, playtime, and love that he could ask for.