In the Midst of a Crisis, Sasha Gets the Care He Needs at PAWS

When the air conditioning broke at PAWS’ Grays Ferry Clinic, operations at our busiest location could have been halted completely — but thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our supporters, temporary cooling units were in place all week long so we could continue essential care and services for the animals who needed us most.

Sasha was one of them: this affectionate kitten was being treated for an upper respiratory infection in a PAWS foster home when he suddenly stopped eating and became lethargic. He was seen promptly at our Grays Ferry clinic, where our vet team found that his temperature was dangerously high at 106°. We immediately admitted him for direct staff care, converting one of our office spaces into a temporary housing room with its own cooling unit.

Over a long four days, three veterinarians and several techs formed a relay team to give Sasha the intensive care he’d need to pull through. With close monitoring, syringe feeding to keep him nourished, and subcutaneous fluids to reduce his temperature, Sasha’s fever came down ever so slightly each day, and he showed encouraging signs of recovery. Throughout his treatment, Sasha was incredibly affectionate, and was happiest when he was being held and comforted by staff. When he started eating on his own and greeting us at the front of his kennel, we knew this resilient little guy had turned a corner. Now fully recovered, Sasha is back in his foster home and as happy and playful as ever.

We are incredibly grateful to the dedicated staff and generous supporters who made Sasha’s care and recovery possible during an already difficult time. If you’d like to help save the next sick or injured animal who needs us, learn more about our foster program, or make a gift of any amount.