Why We Strut: Peanut’s Mutt Strut Love Story

Left: Peanut with a volunteer at the 2013 Mutt Strut. Right: Peanut with adopter Marisa at the 2017 Mutt Strut.

Former stray Peanut was rescued by PAWS in 2013 with the Mutt Strut right around the corner. He was one of two dozen adoptable PAWS dogs who attended the event in the hope of meeting a match that year. When the Ashton family saw him waiting , they knew they’d found their newest family member!

“It was truly love at first sight at the 2013 Mutt Strut. We had just entered the event area, and immediately went over to the adoptables tent. Peanut just happened to be the first dog we saw, and something told us that we couldn’t leave without filling out an adoption application for him.

The stars aligned, and before we knew it, this sweet boy became a part of our family, and it has been the BEST seven years since! Peanut loves ‘his people,’ Trader Joe’s dog treats, lots of cuddles, and especially his Pekingese brother Riley! His goofy little personality is the absolute best, and he’s been such a blessing to us. We will never be able to thank PAWS enough for bringing this little man into our lives!”

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