PAWS Pets Living Far and Wide

All PAWS’ animals are rescued locally in Philadelphia, but some have found homes well outside city limits. Here are some former PAWS dogs and cats who are living great lives around the country – and even around the world!

Cassidy and Leela
Leela and Cassidy, both rescued from Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, took a road trip across the United States with their adopter in an RV. They now call the Pacific Northwest their home.

Wall-E now lives the good life in Wisconsin! His original owners abandoned him when they moved away, leaving him to fend for himself in an empty house. He somehow got inside the wall, where he was stuck for an entire month. When a neighbor finally got him out and brought him to the shelter, he was underweight and sick, but very friendly. PAWS rescued him and placed him at our Adoption Center in Old City, where he met a loving family. This time, when his family moved, Wall-E was given his own spot in the car!

Emerson came in to Philadelphia’s animal control shelter after she was found as a stray in the Frankford section of the city. She was rescued by PAWS, adopted, but returned a few months later because a member of her family developed an allergy. A full seven months after she first came in, she was adopted for good and now lives happily in Chicago. (The picture at right is from her first trip to Lake Michigan.) From her adopter, Faye: “Thanks to PAWS for giving me the best friend I’ve ever had!”


Lady Juliette took a road trip with her new family and now lives happily in Houston, TX!

Former PAWS dog Achilles moved with his adoptive Mom to Arizona. They’ve since returned to the Philly area, but Achilles will always make an excellent cowboy.


Sally was once a Philly stray, then a rescued foster dog, now a happy family member in New Hampshire!

Shosty was found as a stray newborn in April 2011 in the Frankford section of the city. He was rescued by PAWS and placed into foster care with his siblings, where he grew to an adoptable age. He moved to our Adoption Center in Old City in August, where his adopter, who lived in Philadelphia at the time, met him and fell in love.His family sent us this update: “He enjoyed his first Christmas down in sunny Puerto Rico!”

Maya and Apollo
Maya and Apollo were surrendered together to the city shelter by their owners, who could no longer care for them. PAWS took them in together and paired them with a loving family – it was a perfect match that allowed them to stay together and continue the strong bond they shared.Their family relocated together and they now live happily in Illinois. They stopped by our adoption center during a visit to say hello!

3 amigos

Einstein, Harper, and Emo Kitty were taken into foster care by a PAWS staff member, then adopted by her mother. These “three amigos” now live happily in Baltimore.


Rocky started out life as a stray kitten, was picked up by animal control, taken in by PAWS, and placed in foster care with a PAWS staff member. He now calls Ontario home.


Rosie was rescued by PAWS, taken into foster care, then later adopted by her foster parent. They now live happily together in France.


Haze was found at six months old as a Frankford Avenue stray. He now lives happily in his home in Vermont, which he shares with four cats and two bunnies.Haze goes on frequent hiking trips to Acadia National Park, and always enjoys a cuddle on the couch afterward. He was fascinated by his first-ever encounter with a lake!


Scrubbs is a former long-term PAWS resident who’s now a proud member of an Army family in Illinois! He was found as a stray in Port Richmond before he was rescued by PAWS. He quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite thanks to his playful, fearless attitude. He enjoyed wandering around the adoption center looking for adventure, and he even liked to wrestle with dogs! His new family is a perfect match and includes two dogs for Scrubbs to romp around with.


Fiona, adopted in 2009, is living the good life in Colorado. Her family says, “Boy does she have the life here. The girl loves the snow, hiking, cuddling, and going to doggie day care on the regular. She even got her own Thanksgiving feast complete with a placemat this year.”


Bella, a former Philly stray, now lives a postcard-perfect life in Vermont. She accompanies her family when they go crosscountry skiing and mountain biking, has a neighborhood full of dog friends, and loves to play in the snow. She’s also a favorite among her town’s first responders!