Paw It Forward with The Landenberger Family Foundation

Celebrate the love you share with your pets by paying it forward so others can find — or preserve — that same joy.

Our pets mean the world to us. They are part of our families and play a profound role in our lives. Now, imagine making all that love possible for another pet and another family. That is the spirit of Paw it Forward.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce you to our friends at The Landenberger Family Foundation — our matching donors for Paw It Forward. The Landenberger Family Foundation was established by William Landenberger, the last member of a family with roots in Philadelphia since before the nation’s founding, having fought in the American Revolution. The Foundation honors the legacy of its namesake by generously supporting charities located in and near Philadelphia that are dedicated to civic improvements, historical preservation, medical research, education, and animal welfare.

The Landenberger Family Foundation was so moved to support the special bond between people and pets that they are matching every Paw It Forward gift, up to $25,000!

Together, we are searching for:

  • A HERO for every rescued pet in PAWS’ care
  • A PROTECTOR for each community pet whose family needs support to keep them at home where they are loved

To thank you for providing care to Philadelphia’s pets and families in need, we will send some right back to you! You’ll receive a special care package, full of treats for you and your pets to enjoy.

Your support makes it possible for PAWS to...

…rescue homeless pets like Lydia.

This friendly senior found safe haven at PAWS after the city shelter issued an urgent rescue plea on her behalf. She had been brought in by a Good Samaritan who spotted her in a park, alone, hungry, and with a mass on her head so large it obstructed her vision. Lydia needed significant treatment and surgery to get well again. Thanks to supporters like you, PAWS was ready to welcome her and start her on a path to healing.

After a full assessment and plan by PAWS’ medical team, Lydia was matched with a dedicated foster parent who provided her with rest, nourishment, and love until she was strong enough for her surgery. Her mass was successfully removed last week, and she is now recovering in her foster home. Soon, Lydia will be ready for a life of warmth and joy with a forever family.


... protect precious family bonds, like the one between Bernadene and Kimmee.

An upheaval should never mean permanently parting with a cherished pet. But that’s just what Bernadene faced when a fire left her without pet-friendly housing for her beloved cat, Kimmee. Companions for 17 years, they had never been apart.

Bernadene found a friend to care for Kimmee while she searched for long-term housing, and made sure she continued receiving treatment for her hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. But several weeks later, when Kimmee’s caretaker became unable to keep her, Bernadene found herself with nowhere to turn. She reached out to the city shelter looking for support, and they connected her with PAWS.

Through our Safety Net program, we matched Kimmee with a foster home, continued her senior medical care, and reunited her with Bernadene as soon as she was ready.