Jojo’s story: “He has been such a joy in our life since day one”

Jojo had already been adopted and returned twice because of “behavior issues” when he found himself at the shelter again last fall. With a withdrawn personality and a history of stress-related house soiling, finding a new foster was going to be a challenge.┬áBut if years of rescue efforts have taught us anything, it’s that there is someone for everyone. Foster parents Matney and Mario welcomed Jojo into their home, determined to help him come out of his shell. They and Jojo were such a great team that they made him a permanent member of their family!

“Jojo has really blossomed into an amazing cat over the last few months,” wrote Matney in a recent update, “His transformation from scared, sluggish old man at the clinic into the vibrant, energetic, outgoing kitty he is now has been so much fun to watch. We worked with our vet to wean him off of his anxiety meds and he doesn’t seem to miss them one bit. He hasn’t had any peeing/litter box issues since being with us.”

“He makes us laugh every single day. He loves chasing tinfoil balls around the house, zooming up and down the stairs, snuggling on our laps while we watch movies, watching the fish in our aquarium, and napping with his favorite llama pillow. He even has a designated chair at our dining room table where he hops up to hang out with us while we eat meals (sometimes he even jumps up there preemptively if he knows we’re about to sit down to eat; he clearly loves family dinner time!). He is so much more confident and sure of himself these days, which makes us so happy to see.”

“This kitty has brought us an indescribable amount of joy and we are so thankful you entrusted us with his care. Thank you all for all the hard work you do for the creatures in our community.”