The story of Knuckles: A Real Gent!

This kind senior was surrendered to the city shelter for euthanasia when his struggling owner had nowhere else to turn. Financial hardship prevented them from accessing veterinary care, and Knuckles’ health had sharply declined when he’d lost his appetite and become lethargic. When his exam and behavior at ACCT Philly suggested his issues might be treatable, PAWS took on his care to give him the chance at life he deserved.

Our medical team immediately got to work assessing Knuckles’ condition and developing a treatment plan. Although he was sweet and social with everyone he met, he was still weak and largely refusing to eat, and diagnostics revealed no clear answers: imaging showed no major internal masses or abnormalities, and his bloodwork was concerning but inconclusive. In the meantime, he was started on daily antibiotics, fluids, and anti-nausea medications, and offered a smorgasbord of food options to encourage him to eat — plus lots of petting and encouragement from staff, who gave him his new name: “A Real Gent.”

When Gent completely stopped eating and began to throw up, vet staff feared he had a bowel obstruction that hadn’t shown up on his imaging, and made the decision to perform an emergency exploratory surgery in his abdomen. What they found was an entire rope toy that had become lodged in Gent’s intestines, perforating it in several areas and preventing any food from getting through.

PAWS’ medical director, Dr. Laurel, spent several hours painstakingly removing the rope toy and fibers without causing further damage, removing intestinal tissue that was beyond repair, and closing up areas that had been perforated. The amount of matter removed was astonishing, and it was no surprise this poor pup had been having such a hard time!

Due to the complicated nature of bowel repair surgeries, we had to wait a full week to be confident that the procedure had been a success. He made it through the high risk stage of his post-op recovery without a hitch though, was matched with a loving foster home where he could finish his recovery! He’s now spending his days healing and being pampered like he deserves. His foster shares that he’s been eating like a champ, is slowly gaining weight, and loves treats and soft snuggly beds. We’ve been in touch with the city shelter to see if Gent’s family is in a position to welcome him back home, but if for any reason they aren’t, we’ll be right here to help him find his perfect match!

Gent is alive and well today thanks to supporters like you. We are so grateful to everyone who rooted for this sweet guy and donated towards his care!