Elvis’ Foster Success Story

After being adopted out 13 years ago, Elvis was found in rough shape fending for himself in Mt. Airy. He was sick, underweight, and stressed and defensive at the shelter, but transformed once he went home with foster mom Ashley!

“After losing our cat in December, I wanted to use the time we were quarantined to help another animal. I’d seen Elvis on the website and knew if he didn’t get out of the shelter he wouldn’t make it. I chose him because he was the complete opposite of the cat we’d lost and I thought that would help me to not become attached. When we took Elvis home he was malnourished, had bald spots everywhere, was “too fractious” for a complete exam, and sent with us as a Hospice Foster. On the first day he let us give him a bath, he went up and down the stairs, and we knew instantly that he’d been in a house before – and needed to be in one now.”


“Over the summer we decided to move in with my in-laws at their vacation home. Elvis instantly took to my father-in-law, and vice versa. After a few months, my in-laws decided that they wanted him to be part of the family. He was (and still is) very cat aggressive (we have another cat), and it presented some big challenges, but the house is big enough for everyone. We’re so thankful that we get to see Elvis every day and whenever we want once we move back to our house. He’s gained 4 lbs since March, his coat is gorgeous and now that he feels safe and secure, his aggression has subsided significantly. He still walks up to the unattended vacuum cleaner to hiss and threaten to attack, and he’s not the most cuddly animal in the world; but we’re really happy at the ‘half-fail’ that occurred.”