Dogs In Need of Foster Care

Thank you so much for fostering and saving a life!

Our dogs in need of foster care are listed below. If you are new to fostering with PAWS, please apply here to get started.

For foster meets with dogs at our shelter (2900 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19146), the expectation is that you will meet the dog and take them home the same day, so please come prepared!

  • All members of your household and resident dogs should be present for the foster meet. If for any reason this is not doable, please email the foster team to talk it through.
  • We will provide you with a sample of what the dog has been eating in the shelter, but fosters will provide dog food long-term. We can lend out any other supplies you may need including a leash, martingale collar, harness, crate, pee pads, and toys/enrichment items.

Please email if you have any questions, or see anyone that you think could be a good fit and are interested in scheduling a meet and pick up with!

For a refresher on PAWS’s foster policies and procedures, view our online orientation.

Every time an animal leaves for foster care, it opens a space in our shelters to save another in need. You are truly changing lives: not just for these dog, but also for others whose lives depend on a spot at PAWS. Read on to find your next foster dog!

If you are not able to foster at this time, many of our healthy in-kennel dogs are eligible (and very grateful) for day trips or short-term foster placements as a shelter break. If you are interested, please email us to chat more about what that may look like!

(updated April 13th, 2024)


Dogs Currently at the Shelter

These dogs are currently in our kennels at the PAWS Grays Ferry location (2900 Grays Ferry Avenue).

We are a small facility with only about 6-7 kennel spaces available at one time, so we really rely on foster parents to help us open up kennels so that we can save more dogs!

Urgent Dogs in Need of a Foster Transfer

These dogs are currently in foster homes, and looking for a new foster home to help keep them out of the shelter. 

**Urgent Foster Transfer Needed ASAP**

Name: Bear Bear
Intake Date: 4/2/24
Age: ~1.5 years old
Weight: 20.2 lbs
Dog Friendly?: Seeking a dog-free home
Cat Friendly?: Yes, would require the ability for separation and slow introductions at home

  • Bear Bear recently found himself needing to come to PAWS after his owner lost their pet-friendly housing. He is currently in foster care with another dog, but we learned that he can be a bit sensitive about sharing his space and belongings with another resident pooch. So, he is seeking a transfer to a dog-free home, where he can feel his best and most confident self. For other pets, he has previously lived well with a mom cat and her kittens, so he could be a good fit for homes that are able to facilitate some separation—especially during snack and mealtimes.
  • Bear Bear also has a previous history of doing well with humans of all ages, so he would be a great addition to any patient foster home that is able to continue working with him as he learns the ropes! He is still a young pup that is working on honing his social skills, and he needs a little extra help with his reactions on leash in the neighborhood. He can be a bit reactive towards other dogs, so we’d a love home for him in a neighborhood that isn’t so densely populated them, and where he can find more quiet areas to sniff around. He big on his walks and could also be a good fit as a running companion, so if you’re in need of a part-time workout buddy and part-time companion, you’d found your match in Bear Bear!
  • If you are able to foster this sweet and fluffy gent, please email us at!
**Urgent Foster Transfer Needed by 4/19**

Name: Rachel Green
Intake Date: Originally 12/14/23, returned 4/15/23
Age: ~3 years old
Weight: 32 lbs
Dog Friendly?: Seeking a dog-free home
Cat Friendly?: Unknown, but would probably guess no

  • Rachel was adopted out previously in February to a home where the person was retired. After her adopter recently got two new jobs he has realized that he can no longer keep Rachel green in his life. Rachel is able to avoid a shelter stay by going into foster care again with her previous foster. That foster does have travel lined up, which is why we are seeking a foster transfer for Rachel, by this weekend.
  • Pasting Rachel Green’s previous bio for all to see!: Cue the iconic theme music, and roll out the red carpet for Rachel Green! She’ll be there for you (cause you’re there for her too) as a very loyal friend, and is bound to be the central perk of your life. Rachel Green is 50% cuddles, and 50% spunk; she loves to relax on the couch and snuggle, and is also very content to romp around and play with her toys. She exudes lots of main character energy when she stands up on her hind legs with her paws in the air, and has been known to be quite the hugger—crossing her paws around your arms for extra affection when she can. Rachel Green ended up at the city shelter after her previous owner moved out of state unexpectedly. She was initially pretty nervous, but warmed up with time and patience as she navigated lots of sudden change in her life.
  • As soon as Rachel Green headed into foster care she was described as a little shadow, and is a big fan of up close and personal contact and will make herself really comfortable for a snoozefest at any time of day or night (watch here). Her primary love language is physical touch, and her happy place is curling up right at your side on the couch, or resting her head in your lap. On walks, Rachel does well in the city aside from sometimes being startled by loud street noises, and generally listens to commands well. However, she can also be reactive towards other dogs and squirrels that she sees outside by barking and pulling, and seems like she would prefer quieter neighborhoods—or even a yard to call her own. When seeing other dogs she can typically be redirected with treats, but sometimes has a hard time managing her reactions, and looks to her person for guidance to keep things calm. Rachel’s home should plan to work on continuing her training for making walks less eventful when she sees other dogs, as well as some jumpiness when she meets new people. When she has had the chance to meet dogs face to face, Rachel becomes a bit overwhelmed and has a hard time keeping her cool around them. Because of this we think that she would do best in a home without other dogs where she can have the spotlight all to herself, or in one that is able to commit to slow and managed introductions, and separation/isolation while she works on socialization and training at her own pace. Rachel is also working on being comfortable spending more time on her own, and will require patience as she goes through another transition back into foster care, and solidifies another routine. She is improving each and every day at becoming more confident spending time by herself, and has also been reported to enjoy some soothing music to help with winding down. Rachel is working on her crate training, is fully housebroken, knows “sit,” “down,” and “come,” is a great passenger for car rides and road trips. She is quite the athlete and has enjoyed some jogs and runs, and we could definitely see her being an adventure dog, hiking and spending time in nature. If you’re looking to open up your home to a sensitive but spunky sweetie, Rachel Green could definitely be the girl for you. She still has some puppy energy in her, and will require some ongoing training as she settles into a new environment, but we know that whoever calls her theirs won’t be able to imagine their life without her.
  • If you can help out Rachel Green be your “friend” please email!

Upcoming Scheduled Intakes

Due to our limited kennel capacity, we cannot intake every surrender request. The dogs listed below may either be an upcoming owner surrender appointment, or a dog at ACCT Philly we are hoping to rescue. Lining up a potential foster home prior to their arrival can help them avoid staying at the shelter altogether! 

Name: Apollo
Intake Date: ASAP – pending foster interest/placement!
Age: ~7-10 years old
Weight: TBD
Dog Friendly?: Yes, would require a dog meet on-site, and the ability to do slow introductions at home
Cat Friendly?: Unknown, has a history living with pet rats, so seems promising!

  • Meet Apollo! This super sweet and friendly guy came to PAWS for his intake assessment last week, but was very nervous experiencing the hustle and bustle of shelter life. So, we would love to have a foster home ready for him so that he can bypass any time in-kennel, and go on to living the sweet life that is foster care!
  • Apollo has been being cared for by a family for the last three months, so we don’t know too much about his history prior to his stay with them, but they were able to provide some information to help us learn more about him.
  • He has been doing well living and spending time with people of all ages, and does well with people coming and going—managing to charm them all. He has reportedly also done well living with other dogs, and even some pet rats! So, while we don’t know about any previous cat history, it seems like he would be able to make some feline friendship work after slow introductions.
  • So far Apollo has been spending most of his time in a yard and doesn’t seem to have much experience with walks, so he will need help building a foundation for loose-leash walking, at his own pace. As you can see though, he loves playing with his beloved sticks, and indulging in a good game of fetch whenever he has the chance! And you’ll know that the fun is over once he finds his way to a couch or bed to sleep on his back with his paws splayed out in the air.
  • When being left on his own, Apollo can bark or whine initially, but settles down and does well free-roaming. He already knows “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come,” and “shake/give paw,” and is still learning the ropes of being housebroken.
  • If you’re able to foster Apollo and give him a warm welcome with PAWS, please email us at and we’d love to chat more about him, and scheduling his official intake!

Dogs in Need of Foster Sitter

These dogs are currently in foster homes, and looking for a short term foster sitter to help keep them out of the shelter. 

No one at the moment, but please check back soon!