Coming together for Junie and Rex

When two special dogs needed medical interventions beyond our resources, PAWS’ amazing community rallied to give them the lifesaving care they needed! Junie and Rex were both surrendered by families who loved them dearly, but couldn’t afford their specialized medical needs.

Young Junie had been diagnosed with a rare cancer after developing a large tumor in her mouth, and needed several weeks of chemotherapy at UPenn if she was to live past six months.

Her treatment would would cost thousands, but would also give Junie 6-8 happy years. Half of Junie’s expenses were covered thanks to a grant from Petco Love, but further fundraising was needed to bridge the remaining gap.

No sooner than we’d begun fundraising for Junie’s treatment, new arrival Rex needed a medical intervention of his own: he’d been having trouble ingesting anything without throwing up, and had developed a life-threatening pneumonia due to vomit making its way into his lungs (a common danger for frenchies and other flat faced breeds).

Rex needed round-the-clock emergency care at VSEC to survive, which would have decimated our Medical Relief Fund for other special cases who needed us. There was no getting around it: we’d need to start another fundraiser.

We worried about asking for help so soon after sharing Junie’s story, but if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that PAWS truly has some of the most amazing supporters in the world! The outpouring of generosity we received blew us away, and we’re happy to share that both Junie and Rex are well on their way to recovery and improving every day.

Rex has been stable in foster care with his pneumonia nearly cleared, and Junie has completed her chemo treatments and can get back to enjoying life as a happy and carefree puppy. While both will need continued support and diagnostics, their futures are now bright thanks to supporters like you!