Cats In Need of Foster Care

Thank you so much for fostering and saving a life!

Our cats and kittens most urgently in need of foster are listed below. If you are new to fostering with us, please apply here to get started. If you’ve fostered with us before, you can call each location directly at the phone numbers listed below. When you arrive to meet or pick up potential fosters, please bring a carrier with you (if you do not have a carrier, let us know). We will provide you with a sample of what the cat has been eating here in the shelter, along with the cat’s paperwork and any meds they may be on.

For a refresher on PAWS’s foster policies and procedures, view our online orientation.

Every time an animal leaves into foster care, it opens a space in our shelters to save another in need. You are truly changing lives: not just for these cats, but also for others whose lives depend on a spot at PAWS. Read on to find your next foster kitty!

(updated April 21st, 2024)


Urgent Medical & Behavior Cats

These cats need to finish their medical recovery to become healthy enough for adoption. They will heal faster and be much happier in a home than in the shelter. 

Name: Kairo *VERY URGENT, Diabetic kitty!!*
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/14/24

  • Kairo was surrendered to the city shelter because his owners felt they could no longer care for him. He is unfortunately very overweight for his frame and has been diagnosed as diabetic– likely due to his weight. He needs to lose a few pounds, stat! The weight also may be affecting his mobility. Because none of our PAWS buildings are open 12 hours, we cannot properly treat Kairo’s diabetes onsite- he can only receive insulin once-daily here, which is NOT enough for proper treatment. His owner describes him as a very calm boy who likes to lick his favorite people. Because his back legs are feeling a little weak right now under all those 17 pounds of heft, he could use a really wide, low-sided litterbox to help him maneuver in and out more easily. Kairo is also being treated for a kitty cold as of 4/14 with a short course of antibiotics.
  • Have questions about diabetes care or insulin? Hit us up! Insulin should ideally be given as close to 12 hours apart every day, but you do get some wiggle room for those 12 hours! (Can be given no more than 14 hours apart; no less than 10 hours apart.) PAWS can also help with follow-up diagnostics at our clinic to make sure Kairo is getting the optimum amount of insulin for his needs.
Name: FeLVis Presley *URGENT Long-term Resident, FeLV+*
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 2/29/24

  • Hunka hunka FeLVis Presley is around 10ish years old, give or take, and has the Old Man Mouth to prove it! He was someone’s porch cat since last summer, and they’d been feeding him for around a year before bringing him in as a sick stray. Turns out, FeLVis is FeLV+, and he also had a bad case of stomatitis at the time of arrival. He had full-mouth extractions on 3/15 and has been healing well, albeit gradually and he will likely need to be on a low dose of a steroid long term to help with ongoing gum inflammation. He’s feeling much better on this treatment! We’d love to get him into foster care asap since he runs the risk of falling ill back at our clinic.
Name: Señor *URGENT*
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 3/7/24

  • Poor sweetie Señor could really use foster care to help him feel better! He’s around 4ish years old, already neutered, and just received an entropion repair surgery in late March! This surgery corrects the position of his eyelids, since prior to surgery his eyelids rolled inward, causing painful irritation to his eyes. He is now ready to rock and roll into foster care! Since Señor eyes were in such rough shape prior to surgery, there is lingering infection that we are treating with a longer course of eye drops and an oral liquid antibiotic for 28 days total, starting 4/4. He’s also getting some nice Gabapentin in his food for the first couple weeks, to help ease any lingering facial soreness. He doesn’t let any of this medical boo-bah slow him down, though! Señor is a total sweetheart who loves mouse toys and being doted on like the big baby boy he is.
Name: Jagger & Mickey *URGENT*
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 3/27/24

  • Meet our sad boys, Mickey and Jagger! They’re two hunka-hunks of burning love- except they’re terrified, so they don’t feel very lovey dovey right now. They just want to hide their faces wherever they can. They also returned recently from our Old City Adoption center due to kitty colds.
  • If you think Jagger looks a little overweight, you are very correct: he clocked in at a whopping 30lbs!!! He needs to urgently lose weight! Once he’s looking (and *feeling*) a little more svelte, we would like to give him a dental cleaning. In case of mouth pain, and also to help his shelter stress levels, we have started Jagger on gabapentin.
  • Mickey has lucked out a little more with his weight. He is also chunky but weighs 15 pounds. He needs to also get a-movin’, though, because his lack of exercise means his motility isn’t fantastic. We have him on Miralax so he doesn’t keep getting constipated like he was in his previous home. More movement= better poops, and better weight loss = even better ability to move!


Name: Skipper *FeLV+, URGENT*
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/6/24

  • Skipper’s a lovely senior gentleman whose mouth is feeling pretty crummy right now! His mouth’s condition upon arrival to PAWS is also compounded by the fact that he’s FeLV+, so he’s extra extra urgently in need of foster! He just had a dental procedure on 4/12, and would love to recover post-op in foster care while his mouth is still sensitive from surgery! To keep his mouth comfy while it heals, we have him on a couple really nice pain meds and some squishy slurry-like food that’s easier to chew! Skipper is around 10ish years old and already neutered.
Name: Quinn
Date of Arrival: pending- we need to line up a foster first!

  • Quinn is being returned to PAWS due to not getting along with another cat in the home- she’d prefer to be the only star on your stage! She’s fantastic with her people, though. She is a bit on the chunky side, so will need strict diet (and ideally some exercise!) to help keep her weight from going up too high again. Quinn would love a calm, quiet home where she can be the only pet. She has done well around older kids, tweens and up. Her hobbies include chasing sunbeams, showing off her excellent belly, enjoying a good sip at her water fountain, and supervising you while you cook and work from home! Quinn’s adopter is moving in June so we are hoping to find a foster home before June to take in Quinn until she is adopted. She hasn’t done so recently, but has a history of overgrooming when super stressed out- so the adoption center historically isn’t a fantastic spot for her.
Name: Pepé
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/9/24

  • This sweet guy keeps getting overlooked for foster, but he’s SO SO nice!! Pepé just got a dental procedure on 4/17 and would love to recover post-op in foster care and get all the chin scratches! He’s a chill fellow around 4-6ish years old (very give or take) and all he wants is to sit with you and get pets. He’s on a couple post-op pain meds and will be eating some nice, mushy wet food over the next couple weeks, while his mouth heals up. Once he’s feeling better he can start adoption promo asap.
Name: Ryan O’Ray
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 3/7/24

  • Ryan is a nice guy who spent the last 7ish years in an adoptive home, and was just surrendered back to PAWS because his owners didn’t have the ability to care for him anymore. He has a history of a sensitive stomach, which continues to this day and which we are troubleshooting to find him the right ‘happy medium’ of special diet and care to keep him comfortable. He’s on a special tummy support diet, which PAWS can provide until he’s adopted, and has been on probiotics while with us. Ryan is around 8ish years old and already neutered. Ryan also recently had dental surgery, though he should be feeling better already! We’d love to get him into foster care to de-stress before he has a chance to get sick. Because of Ryan’s upset stomach (and potentially due to stress/litterbox preferences) he occasionally poops outside the litterbox. It is recommended he go into foster care in a space that’s easy to clean (like a bathroom, for example!) and where there’s enough room to add two litterbox and trial different types of litter, in case he has any specific preferences.
Name: Mr. Milo
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 3/19/24

  • Fluffy boy Mr. Milo was returned to PAWS because his owner was traveling (to where, we don’t know) but upon arrival we noticed his mouth is really rough! Upon arrival we discovered he was afflicted with stomatitis, a painful autoimmune condition that causes lots of inflammation in the mouth. Mr. Milo had all of his remaining teeth extracted during his dental surgery on 4/5. He also had some matting so the medical team shaved him while he was sedated. He feels so much better and we can’t wait to see his beautiful coat grow back in. He’d really love to recover in foster care! He’s around 8 years old and already neutered. He would benefit from a dental recheck at least two weeks out to check for any lingering inflammation to his gums.
Name: Cherry
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/14/24

  • Cherry’s a petite little thing, around 7-8 months old. She’s already spayed and is being treated for a kitty cold, but she’s also been pretty shy thus far at our clinic! She could benefit from foster care to get her over her cold and help her open up a little more before we start adoption promo. She’s also combo tested negative for FIV/FeLV, so if you’ve got a good “Helper Cat” already in your home who could help bring her out of her shell, she may appreciate it!
Name: Volleyball
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/7/24

  • Volleyball is a handsome little hunk around 2-3 years old who came to us with a wound of unknown origin. He was injured in late March, but his finder unfortunately isn’t sure what caused the wound, so per Health Dept recommendations he should be the only animal in his foster space until ~7/24/24. We also plan to combo test him for FIV/FeLV around 6/1/24, if he’s not adopted out by then! For now, we’re helping Volleyball to heal his wound via a steroid taper. He also seems a little sensitive around the base of his tail, and has a slight wobble to his gait, but xrays showed zero internal damage, so it may be nerve-related. His comfort and mobility would be better monitored in foster care, but despite any potential discomfort Volleyball is the SWEETEST gentleman, and loves getting pets!
Name: Snickers 
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/4/24

  • Poor Snickers’ owner recently passed away and the neighbor tried to keep by taking her in, but their son turned out to be allergic. We’d love to help this gorgeous young lady find a new forever home. After arriving at the city shelter, she came down with a kitty cold. She’s on a course of antibiotics, but the stress of being at the shelter and the cold are affecting her appetite. She’d love to recover in a foster home! Snickers is around 1 year old and likely still needs to be spayed once she’s recovered from her cold.
  • The kind neighbor who had Snickers for a month told us a little more about her. She could get scared in their busy household, but she loved the kids! They said that “for the most part snickers is mellow and loves to lay on your lap.”
  • Update 4/8: Snickers got overstimulated during kennel cleaning today and nipped a staff member. Per Health Dept guidelines she’ll be on a bite observation period until 4/18, so even if she kicks her cold by then, she’ll have to wait until after that date for spay. She’s still a sweetie, just doesn’t love seeing tons of new faces every day.
Name: Sir Pedro
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/14/24

  • Sir Pedro, while having a lovely case of ‘trash mouth,’ is estimated to be a little under 4 years old. He’s high priority for a dental procedure, though, and we intend to get him scheduled for one asap. He’s already neutered, a little shy but super cute and pretty friendly, and to keep his mouth comfy until surgery time, he’s taking some nice Gabapentin.
Name: Sunny Bunny
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/3/24

  • Miss Sunny Bunny is understandably confused and stressed after being abandoned in the lobby of our Grant Ave location. We don’t know her history other than she’s 9 years old and spayed. In true dilute calico form, she is both super sweet and also conflicted by shelter life. She’d much rather be treated like the pretty princess she is in a cozy home in foster care.
  • Sunny will likely be sedated for a dental check, blood work, and dental surgery as soon as we have capacity, but she can head into foster care at any time and we can schedule an appointment for these things!
Name: Maggie
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/09/24

  • Maggie is recovering from a much-needed dental procedure that occured on 4/9- and she’d love to wrap up recovery in foster care before we start adoption promo! She was taking a couple pain meds, which are wrapping up nicely, and there’s a tiny healing hole on the left side of her face that should close up soon. Her mouth had such a bad infection it caused an abscess that ruptured, causing the hole! Thankfully with a dental procedure and a few additional days of treatment, she is looking like a whole new cat! Around a year-ish old and still in need of spay, Maggie still needs a wee bit more time before she’s ready to find her forever home, but having a foster handy to help her with her last bits of recovery would be most excellent.


Cats/Kittens in Need of Foster Transfer or Sitter

These kitties are already in foster but could really use a new foster home, to avoid having to come back to the shelter!

Name: Steely Daniel *Needs foster transfer by 5/1*

  • Steely Daniel is such a little hunk! He’s already neutered, around 10 years young, and is posted for adoption already! He’s been living it up in foster care and recently got over a bout of upset stomach back in March, but his foster’s current school semester will be wrapping up soon and afterward they will be leaving Philly and won’t be able to hang onto Dan anymore! We’d like to find him a foster transfer asap before May 1st, so he doesn’t have to go back to the stressful adoption center.
Name: Consuela *Needs foster transfer by 5/1*

  • Consuela is an interesting medical case- she has mystery itchiness and allergies! The cause? TBD! We have had her on several different kinds of antihistamines, steroids, and off/on Gabapentin in case there’s a stress component to her itchies, but all to no major avail. Right now we’re starting Consuela on a special-order hypoallergenic diet that PAWS can provide; her foster just needs to keep her strictly on this diet and in her e-collar until directed otherwise. This special diet change is also to try and address her soft stool and frequently upset stomach, which may be a result of potential food allergies as well. Since she’s feeling so sensitive overall, we’d recommend a home without tiny human kiddos, so we can minimize any extra stress from external sources!
  • She will need a diligent and patient foster who is comfortable with a funky medical case to help take care of her! She gets strict monthly flea preventative, is up to date on her vaccines and already spayed, and surprisingly young, considering how odd her health has been- she’s only 1-2 years old! And this all said, Consuela is still a pretty chipper gal. She likes attention, has a great appetite and uses her litterbox well, and loves to play! She also sometimes plays with another foster kitten in the home and was combo tested negative for FIV/FeLV earlier this year!
Name: Chloe *Needs foster transfer by 5/7*

  • Fluffy Chloe is looking for the perfect retirement window seat! She’s around 10ish years old, already spayed, and has started adoption promo! She’s come a long way: in foster care she has recovered from dental surgery, is gaining weight after arriving super skinny, and her coat is now super soft, compared to how scraggly it was at fist. Her ten is the new five! Chloe acts half her age and tends to alternate between gluing herself to your lap and wanting to play- wand toys are her current favorite. She will greet you at the door after you’ve been gone, and she also has a fabulous purr that she turns on and off with ease. Otherwise she’s a pretty quiet gal!
  • Chloe has been through a lot so can be wary of fast movements and too much handling if it isn’t on her terms. She’s looking for a patient foster without kids or other pets, and who will give her space and time to adjust to her new digs, as well as someone who will not take it personally if she shows the occasional Opinionated Grandma sass. Her foster will have a lot of travel coming up soon, so she needs a new foster home by 5/7/24!

Name: Tom *DIABETIC! Needs a sitter from 5/17-25*

  • Our sweetheart senior foster cat Tom needs a temp foster/sitter from May 17-25th!! Want to help a diabetic kitty in need, but don’t have the capacity to help longer term? Then how about cat-sitting Tom for 9 days?!
  • Tom is around 11 years young, already neutered and posted for adoption. In case he’s not adopted by March, his foster will need coverage for the dates they are away, since none of our PAWS locations is open long enough to give Tom his twice-daily insulin pokes! They are given 12 hours apart, with some wiggle room (+/- about 2 hours) if there’s a day you’re running home late from work, for example!

Kitten Litters (Including Nursing Moms)

These young kittens need a foster home until all are ready for adoption. Some have come in with a nursing momma! 

Please check back later!

Ringworm Cats and Kittens

These cats are recovering from a skin infection that’s easily treatable in an isolated home environment. Caring for these kitties is easy and just takes careful persistence and a separate space in your home. Read out our foster parent guide to ringworm to learn more!


Please check back later!

Cats Needing Socialization (and Safety Net Program cats)

These cats are very sensitive to the stress caused by the loud shelter environment and need a loving home setting to relax and let their personalities emerge. 

Name: Ashton *Safety Net Foster Candidate*
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/3/24

  • This super handsome, super friendly, low key guy is looking for a place to crash while his owner is sleeping on a friends sofa, working hard to find a new home where they can be reunited! Ashton’s around 4 years old and been with his owner his whole life and we’d love your helping keep it that way. They describe him as friendly, low energy, independent, playful, and a little shy. It sounds like he doesn’t like other cats, so it would be great to find him a place with no other cats for the next ~3 months. His reclaim date is tentatively 7/7, though ideally his foster would be able to hang onto him a few extra weeks, if needed, since reclaim date extensions are pretty common. He has done well with children and with visitors.
  • Ashton’s owner gave us his routine feeding instructions so it would be great to keep that consistent for him: Hills/Fancy Feast, 1/2 cup dry/1 can of wet and we can help provide this!
  • Read more about Safety Net fostering here.
Name: Dixie & Diane
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/14/24

  • These two ladies are very scared new arrivals at our shelter. They are both already spayed but too scared for the adoption center, with all its noise and foot traffic! We would like to place them in foster together potentially and see if they’re bonded or can be adopted out separately. They’re both about 1 year old, were found originally found as strays, and according to their finder seemed chummy while outside and with said finder while temporarily in their home.
Name: Dawn
Location: Grays Ferry Clinic
Date of Arrival: 4/14/24

  • This little gal is pretty nervous but seems curious! She’s cat-friendly and could benefit from a foster home with a resident “Helper Cat” friend potentially, to help bring her out of her shell. (Please note she would still need to be combo tested before meeting any resident cats!) Dawn is about 1ish year old, was originally found stray,  and still needs her spay surgery.

Old City Adoption Center

These cats are waiting for foster care from our Old City location!

Name: Spaghetti *FeLV+*
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/10/24

  • Cutie patootie little void cat Spaghetti is around 4ish years young, already spayed, on no meds, but has tested FIV-/Felv+. If she’s not adopted by mid-May we intend to retest her to see if she can flip to FeLV-, but in the meantime she’s considered effectively immunocompromised, and thus would do better awaiting her forever homes in foster care, rather than at the shelter!
Name: Gizmo Bear
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 3/3/24

  • If you love a grizzled old man face that just wants to cuddle, Gizmo Bear is the guy! Gizmo Bear was abandoned outside of the SPCA back in February, and since coming to PAWS has had dental surgery to remove all of his remaining teeth. His bloodwork also showed early stage CKD (kidney disease), so we have him on a special diet for that. We’d love to get him into a foster home to learn more about him and help him stay healthy (he’s already been treated for a URI while at the center).
Name: Gator
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/8/24

  • Gator is a quiet, low key, gentle 13yr old cat who was found stray recently but had a microchip implanted down in Georgia, so he’s pretty well traveled. He came to the adoption center the same day he arrived at PAWS, so we’ve only seen his personality through the filter of his cage and would love to learn more about him in a home! He is a bit of a grazer and slow/social eater, so hopefully getting into a home where he can be more comfortable would help with his diet as well (he could stand to lose a pound or two).
Name: Mewtallica
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 3/6/24

  • Mewtallica has been at the adoption center for over a month looking to find a home, so we’d love to give her a change or scenery in a foster home until an adopter shows up! She was found stray with a piece of metal stuck in/through her mouth, but has since recovered from that and just stays on an all wet food diet (we also took some teefers). Mewtallica is super sweet and social, but will also not shy away from making corrections when she is done with you, so ideally a home with older kids due to that overstimulated habit (she just gives a quick swat with her paw and then goes about her own business)
Name: Gnicky Gnocchi **FeLV+**
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/3/24

  • Gnicky Gnocchi is our resident wiseguy, but instead of breaking legs he just wants you to bend them a little so he can cuddle up on them. He was found stray and a little anemic, but bloodwork didn’t show anything more severe. He did however test FeLV positive, so he needs to be the only cat in the home. Chatty and very social, Gnicky would benefit from a home due to his compromised immune system (he’s already on cold meds).
Name: Milo Thatch
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/8/24

  • Milo Thatch is not on the hunt for Atlantis this time, but a new home! He was returned from his home for being just a liiiiittle too rude toward a more passive, young cat there, BUT he did get along with the other more confident kitties in the home. Milo is around 6ish years old, already neutered, and he’s really shut down at our shelter! We’d like to get him back into a home environment so he can decompress.
Name: Oscar the Grouch
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/8/24

  • Oscar the Grouch was found in a box by the backdoor of our Grant Ave clinic (how long he was there we don’t know). He’s understandably stressed in the shelter (gets hissy when you try to say hello with anything that isn’t food), so we’d love to get him lined up in a foster home to hopefully learn more about his personality for an adoptive home. He appears to be young and healthy, but those Scottish Folds have a way to them, so a foster home to monitor him for any related issues to their breed would also be great!
Name: Koda
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/3/24

  • Koda was a recent owner surrender due to ongoing urinary issues (he was taken to a vet in March by his owner after finding blood in his urine). He’s on a special urinary diet now to help with the crystals, and overall just needs his stress monitored to help offset any future issues (along with the diet and regular vet trips). He was taken in a year earlier as a stray kitten and lived with two small dogs, and is extremely friendly and social. A foster home would be great for his stress management and enrichment until an adoptive home can be found. 
  • Koda recently started sneezing at the adoption center, so he will be starting some cold meds on 4/16 for a week.
Name: Mark
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 4/14/24

  • Poor Mark was surrendered by his owners due to them having a new baby, and he’s understandably very confused and stressed about suddenly being at our shelter! He’s historically not the biggest fan  of other cats so may prefer a cat-free home- and this could also very well explain part of his disdain for shelter life: so many other cats are here! Mark is around 7-10ish years old, already neutered, and has been started on Gabapentin to hopefully take some of the edge off his feels. He’s described as an aloof guy- will come up for attention when he’s in the mood, but is definitely not a cat for little kids- too much ooey gooey attention and squishing and he will let you know with a little nip that he’s had enough. Aside from wanting to avoid overstimulation from too much attention, he’d a low-key guy who could work well for someone who doesn’t want a super needy foster kitty, attention-wise!
Name: Kitty Foreman
Location: Old City Adoption Center
Date of Arrival: 3/21/24

  • Kitty is around 13 years old and spayed! She’s ready for adoption on paper…but emotionally, she could still use the help of a foster to come back out of her shell! Kitty was left behind after her family moved away, and her finder wasn’t able to keep her due to having their own cats whom kitty wasn’t a fan of. She’s described as friendly, independent, and affectionate in the home, and her favorite things are catnip, treats, stuffed toys and string toys, and the laser pointer. Kitty’s on some gabapentin to help alleviate some of her shelter stress/anxiety. 

Social Cats (including FAST Candidates)

These sociable cats need a foster home! NOTE: If you are taking a foster cat that’s a FAST program candidate, it will be slated to be dropped off at our PetSmart or Old City locations for adoption within 2-3 weeks, since we need to keep those locations filled with adoptable kitties!