Veterinary Surgical Technician – NE/Grant Ave.

PAWS is seeking an experienced part-time or full-time veterinary technician to join our surgical team at our NE/Grant Ave location! We are Philadelphia’s largest animal rescue partner and have a large and diverse caseload of in-house, foster, and client-owned animals. PAWS provides high quality, high volume spay/neuter (HQHVSN) and other surgeries through our low-cost clinics. The ideal candidate has a focus on animal welfare, is detail-oriented and efficient, and has experience as a surgical technician/assistant. Experience in a shelter environment and a basic understanding of veterinary diseases, treatment, and disease transmission preferred.


General Position Summary:

As integral members of PAWS’ medical team, veterinary technicians interact regularly with the public and owned pets, as well as with foster parents and shelter animals, and must strive to provide excellent customer service and positive experiences for these individuals at all times. Veterinary technicians must treat people and animals with compassion and respect, foster a spirit of teamwork, and perform duties in a manner that promotes the achievement of PAWS’ goals and encourages community support of its work.


Primary Duties:

  •   – Care for and handle animals in a safe, effective and humane manner, especially larger and possibly untrained or feral animals.
  •   – Assist veterinarians and collaborate with other veterinary technicians to perform daily medical tasks.
  •   – Perform and accurately record examinations, vaccinations, and medical treatments for publicly owned and shelter animals under the direction of veterinarians using PAWS’ record keeping systems.
  •   – Prepare owned and rescue animals for high-volume sterilization and other surgeries, including: Organizing pre- and post-surgical paperwork; Aseptically preparing instruments and patients for procedures; Maintaining drug logs and surgical log; Administering anesthesia; Monitoring animals during recovery.
  •   – Perform or prepare laboratory tests and diagnostics including fungal cultures, fecal flotations, cytologies, blood smears, and digital radiographs.
  •   – Euthanize animals as appropriate under the supervision and direction of a veterinarian or the director of operations.
  •   – Monitor animals’ conditions, rapidly identify and address any medical or behavioral conditions which might warrant veterinary attention, and work in cooperation with staff to attend to any immediate needs.
  •   – Admit and release animals in a responsive, courteous, and tactful manner, and communicate pertinent medical information to volunteers, staff, and the public.
  •   – Assist in maintaining healthy, safe, sanitary, pleasant and clean facilities for animals under the care of PAWS.
  •   – Participate in job-related trainings and professional development activities.
  •   – Follow procedures governing safe work practices including, but not limited to, wearing protective clothing and safely operating medical equipment when necessary.
  •   – Promote a humane and caring attitude toward all animals and treat all animals compassionately and respectfully at all times, including sick, injured, feral or aggressive animals.
  •   – Other duties as assigned.


Required Skills and Qualities:

  •   – Minimum of two years of experience working in a shelter, animal hospital, and/or private veterinary practice.
  •   – Experience as a veterinary assistant/technician in surgery and assisting with spay/neuter prep, monitoring and recovery required. Experience with HQHVSN preferred.
  •   – Ability to read, write and understand English.
  •   – Computer proficient in Microsoft office and all internet-based clinic management systems utilized by PAWS (ShelterLuv, Clinic HQ, Google forms and spreadsheets).
  •   – Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  •   – Strong sense of initiative and ability to problem-solve, identifying tasks that need to be accomplished and prioritizing appropriately, working independently with minimal supervision and direction.
  •   – Flexibility, maturity, and ability to manage multiple tasks and accommodate varied work assignments and schedules.
  •   – Ability to communicate effectively with a culturally diverse staff, volunteers and community in a professional and respectful manner.
  •   – The ability to remain pleasant and calm even in stressful situations, and to turn people down, firmly when necessary, without becoming aggressive or unpleasant.


Physical Requirements:

  •   – Ability to work with and around animals including diseased, injured and/or vicious animals.
  •   – Ability to walk and/or stand on your feet throughout a normal workday and tolerate loud noises.
  •   – Allergic conditions, which would be aggravated when handling or working with animals, may be a disqualification.
  •   – Ability to lift and move objects and animals weighing up to 50 pounds for short distances and to humanely restrain an animal when necessary.


Educational Requirements:

  •   – High school diploma or equivalent is required.
  •   – Post-secondary education in the veterinary sciences field preferred but not required.


Work Location/Schedule:

  •   – This position is located at the PAWS NE Adoption Center and Low-Cost Clinic at 1810 Grant Avenue, on Grant Avenue between Bustleton and Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.
  •   – PAWS is open seven days a week. A minimum of 8 hours per day is required. Daily schedule may vary according to the needs of the organization.


Interested? We want to hear from you! Please send us your resume and cover letter via this form.